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DarksideHeel wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

My new favorite room. Highly recommend.

The room has recently moved (the old one is still empty). Excellent tables, excellent chairs. Only negative was the location of four EXTREMELY obnoxious Sex And The City slots that annoyed the @#$% out of me. After jokingly complaining about them several times, dealers made the point to say that they were putting plexiglass walls in soon to block noise.

I\\'m not even remotely a semi-pro, so I don\\'t want to come off as a show off. That being said it was deliciously ABC for the most part. Several solid if not spectacular players. Also some very, very good players that you know you have to watch out for. Due to the buy in, you don\\'t get the \\"hey, what the @#$%? let\\'s try a poker tournament\\" crowd like I\\'ve ran into at Excal and The Luxor.

I cannot brag on them enough. Especially John (The Billy Corrigan look-a-like) and Dominick. Engaging, entertaining and great dealers. One misdeal the entire time I played. They all keep the game moving along and keep the blinds on point. Quick to caution bad language as well as the use of non-English.

First poker room I\\'ve ever been in where I still had half a beer when the waitress came around again. I will say I think it helps that they have a direct door to the back in the poker room.

They remember your name and are incredibly friendly.

I only played tournament which doesn\\'t rate. But it is posted that they give $2/hr cash play.

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jb218 wrote a review about TI Poker Room in Las Vegas, NV

Quality Game

I stayed here in February 2014, and played 2 sessions. The room was somewhat small, but not too crowded so the size... Read More