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Durney33 wrote a review about Turning Stone in Verona, NY

Amazing Staff

I will start with 3 words. Wow Wow and WOW!!!That is all I can say for the amazing job your Poker crew did for my Bachelor Party! My wonderful experience started with Frank who took the time to speak with me on 3 different occasions and by the end of the 2nd conversation I felt like Phil Ivey or Antonio Esfandiari even though we were playing a $50 tourney! Since moving to KC I have had some CRAPPY poker room experiences and when I started working with Frank I was kind of expecting some road blocks but I couldn't have been More Wrong!! Every request and suggestion I made was met with an exuberance that was fit for the WSOP not a bachelor party game for low stakes! So Frank YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!
Then we arrived at TS and the poker room crew that night couldn't have been better to us. We were greeted by Jill and Pete who began making us feel like we were the only people in the room all while a major Big Summer tourney was going on. Jill took charge of our group( which was like herding cats) and got the game going. Then came the dealers. Now to give you a rundown of our group we have a mix of seasoned players, some who only played home games and then those like my father in law who only played poker as a kid and never did anything but play slots at TS and to a man they said what an amazing job your staff did! Your Dealers ( i am sorry I didn't get names) were so helpful and patient please give them a high 5 for me! The staffs out here at Harrahs and Hollywood KC could use some of your staffs training!
As the night went on Jill was leaving and in came my guy George. I lived in Rome with my wife's family for 9 months while she was job searching and became a semi regular at TS on the NFL Sunday Poker , Friday late tourneys and the occasional $15 Thursday fun games. Every-time I went in George made a point to say hi! I'm not a big $ player. The $125 tourney was my limit and he made it like I played $1000/$2000 NL cash games always!!! Well He walked in and went over to the tables my guys were at and went right up to my best man who comes from 3 hours away monthly to play and started to talk with him! Within seconds of chatting with him he was mentioning why we were there he looked over at me and without missing a beat looked at me and said " HEY Jon how are you bud!!!" I haven't lived in the area in a year and it was like 1 day! And if it wasn't enough then we got Duke! Came over and busted chops like he was in the Wedding party!

The group I had could have been a handful but your Staff made us feel like it was an upgraded home game and like we were at the Featured table at the Rio. So as I finish please let me know how I can sing your praises! This same email will go on Poker Atlas, Yelp and google reviews but if you need anything for me do it! Put me on a voucher , commercial, heck fly a banner!

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