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LazerTron2 wrote a review about Turning Stone in Verona, NY

Very good tourney site

Bopping around the northeast, I did a chance to buzz over to Turning Stone. Had seen a lot of their ads and wanted to see what the place was like.

The casino is alright. Guess if you're used to massive facilities, this won't do it for you but it's still a good sized place. The poker room itself is pretty nice. Can't compain too much.

Was a little surprised how high the entry fees were on the tourney (most +15 even on a $45 tourney) so that was a little bit of a minus. But on the the other side, the tourneys themselves were great. It's one of the better daily structures I've seen and the staff did a nice job running them.

Cash games were ok but not a ton of selection. Always fun to see some different games spread but it's pretty standard here. So I mostly stuck to tourney play and did fine.

Would be fun to see one of their larger series. I'm sure they do a great job. So if you're looking for a good tourney, it's LazerTron approved!

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