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TiltyRoads wrote a review about Turning Stone in Verona, NY

poor management

I know it says I am not supposed to write about someone else's experience, but this dealer misstep made me leave the table. when the dealer first sat at our table, she complained about being very tired, working 9 hours with just two 15 min breaks. she wasn't paying attention to the table, failed to announce straddles and raises, and failed to read the cards at showdown. Then, the Hand: pocket tens v pocket 6s, both make a flush on river, guy flips his 6s, the other guy flips his 10 that made the flush but, dealer doesn't look his card, mucks the 10 and gives the pot to the 6. multiple players intervened, floor was called, who promptly awarded the pot to the 6, even though the dealer me and multiple other players vouched that he turned over the winning card. I know the "show two" rule applies at TS, but this would not have happened if TS didn't work their dealers to the point that they barely function and don't even read the hands at showdown. This was poor management of the room on their part which makes the room look incompetent to the whole table, not just the players in the pot. Overall the dealers are great and its not their fault management sucks. y'all should get a union so this nonsense doesn't happen more often. makes for a @#$% night for players and dealers when mess ups like this happen.

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