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lmidas wrote a review about Wind Creek in Bethlehem, PA

Middle of the road

Sitting here on Memorial Day weekend and there are 70+ people waiting for a 1/2 game and 50+ waiting for 2/5. I look around the poker room and see 6 completely empty tables. It's frustrating to say the least. Every year Sands has a major influx of players during national holidays and they never seem prepared. There is no reason why a poker room would have over 160 people waiting (including the other lists) with 6 available tables, especially considering that days leading up to this weekend you would hear staff talking about how insanely business the holiday weekend will be for the casino. Unfortunately, this is pretty common at this place.

Additionally, you cannot call in to get your name on the list. Knowing that I will be waiting 2+ hours to be seated, I would rather call in and arrive at a time where my wait might be a little more reasonable. Sands will not take your name over the phone. They prefer you submit your name in person and wait around for several hours. Annoying.

Lastly, if you're a "reg" there is an unspoken policy that you don't wait. I've seen 2 regulars at the podium since I've been waiting and they were seated as soon as a spot became available. I'm at the sands a lot but not really considered a regular... so I wait.

It's not a bad room but the lack of preparation, favoritism, and annoying policies definitely create frustration.

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