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  • Wind Creek Casino

I've been going to sands for about 3 years or so. In the past you'd have to wait for hours to get a table, they recently expanded to 36 tables which has reduced the wait time during busy nights.

Wait times are usually acceptable
Bad beat jackpot
Drink girls usually come frequently
Recently they started with massage girls
Dealers are quick

Room is in the middle of the casino floor, it's wide open and on the weekend very noisy.
Room is non smoking but the rest of the casino is smoking, so clothes always smell
All tables have half moon legs on both sides, the only comfy position for tall guys like me are seats 5 and 6.
Bathrooms are far away
Recently a batch of new dealers were hired who are pretty green.
70c per hour in comps, pretty bad

Overall the room is good but not great, it doesn't compare well to the borgata which I consider the best in nj. However it's the only room in a huge radius so I'm happy it's there until something better comes along.

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