Excellent setting, beautiful surroundings, but not really a very touristy vibe. Too serious and too silent. Not a lot of fun at the tables.
All in all, I will not play here again, since I felt targeted by the locals who were teaming up on me.
I played here in the middle of the week and would not do that again, since there is no money to be made against decent to very good players who target you and call every preflop raise. (The fact that I missed nearly every flop might have something to do with my poor results as well...)
(I played for 25 hours but did not improve any pair to a set...)

I was surprised how the level of play had gone up since my last visit. The mix of tourists and sharks has changed into 90-95% sharks and hardly any tourists.
I did not make any money on this trip and got pegged as a tourist myself. If found I was the only tourist at the table and was definitely targeted by a bunch of players teaming up. Any raise between 5-15 BB was called every time by multiple players.

I saw a few mistakes, and even got scolded by one dealer for joking around. This room is not fun anymore. The locals consider themselves very proficient and are scaring the fish away, including myself (although I generally consider myself decent)

beautiful waitresses, and any drink you require, including fiji water

swift seating, call in list possible, poker room lists are on the hotel TV channels, so easy to call in.

comps are at 2$/hour, which is high, but the prices of the restaurants at the Wynn/Encore are double that of other properties, so that evens out the score to other rooms that offer 1$ an hour, but where the food costs only half the amount.

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