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despymic wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Best Room I've Ever Played In

So this review is not about any one experience, but my impressions in general in the 5 years, 100+ poker sessions I've put in here. I'm not a pro, just an enthusiastic recreational player. I started at 1/3, now a regular on 2/5. I've put in a few hours of 1/2 PLO as well.

Dealers: a great group of dealers here. I've only once come across a dealer who wasn't flat out friendly. They're quick, they control the game and for the most part very sociable. They do have some who don't speak English well, so those are the few who aren't. From Dec/21 to April/22 there were problems with the shuffling machines where they were randomly tearing a card, but that was taken care of last time I was there.

Floor: Absolutely top notch. So friendly, and quick to respond to any issues. They'll get you on the list quick and they fill seats FAST. I was there during WSOP this year and the lists were crazy, with over 50 cash tables going. They stayed on top of everything. They're at the table quick if a player needs a ruling, though they can be inconsistent. In one week, the floor ruled opposite on the exact same issue. I don't know if they have a central rule book but that would be worth it. They also will sub as chip runners when the place gets busy. My last trip the floor even took a dealer rotation, to assist one of the dealers who was having an issue. Can't say enough. Especially you, Michelle!

Food/Beverage Service: Drinks, like most rooms; can be hit or miss, depending on the time and how busy the room is. Wide selection of drinks, never heard anyone have a problem with the quality of the beverage. Some are really friendly regardless, some aren't. I wouldn't characterize them as anything above average from a service perspective. Food service can take a while. There's two options in the room, Italian or Japanese. Food is delicious, and don't usually take long one your order is in. You get I think 1.50/hour for comps, so it can add up.

Gameplay: As one of the best rooms (I consider it the best) it attracts a lot of different players. There certainly are a lot of regs, but they're relatively easy to spot. I have to say, they're really friendly and aren't abusive when they lose. They don't sit there with the headphones on and ignore everyone at the table. They're relatively friendly and will happily engage in conversation, and discuss poker strategy (obviously not while in a hand). Tables are full til about 2am when things start to collapse. There's usually at least 2 1/3 and a 2/5 going at all hours. They spread pretty much everything, if there's interest. Because of its location, the casual players it attracts are not afraid to shrug off a couple of grand at the table.


- massages are great. $2/min
- there is a washroom in the room
- there is a cage in the room, though if you like to keep your cash there (i.e. a front account) then you need to go to the main cage, which is only a minute from the room.
- they give people WAAAY too much time away from the table before they pick them up. It's supposed to be two dealer rotations and a missed blind. Last time I was there some guy bought in when the table opened at about noon and immediately walked away. They only picked up his chips at 3:45.
- room is well lit and tables are spaced apart. Very comfortable.
- They have charging stations at every seat, but not all of them work.

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