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corsairmedia wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Doesn't live up the the Hype.

The room is nice. Decor is excellent, tables are in great condition. Granted, its only been open a couple of months.

One guy at my table knew how to play. One of the women went all in after the flop came rag rag 10 with a 10 8 off suit. She got a caller and won. It was amazing. Another woman kept calling herself a "Raymerette" cos she had the same glasses, she would call every bet and fold after the flop. The guys at the table looked like they watched too much Josh Arieh at the final table of the WSOP ME. I was kicking myself for only giving myself an hour to play - my table was a gold mine.

Aside from the room itself, the only "bright" spot, was that a couple of the dealers really did a GREAT job managing the MOST STUPID, RETARDED SYSTEM EVER, 1-3 WITH THREE DOLLAR CHIPS! It is COMPLETELY INSANE. Everytime I'd reach for chips to bet I had to do the math two or three times to make sure I had it right. Everyone at the table screwed up their bets at least once. I heard one dealer cussing about his manager putting him at certain tables, at one time quipping (in front of all of us) "I just want to deal the f*%(in cards" Are you serious? Very professional.

They were actually a little irritable. With some of the fat gross slobs calling them "love" and "darling" at the 15-30 limit table I was watching, I dont blame them. Decent looking, scantly clad, and had waters with them just about all the time. A little moody though.

TERRIBLE. First off, my wife doesnt care about poker, and even she noticed some terrible management moves. First off, someone came to sign up for a game, and then left, and she caught the manager and the host talking crap about the guy when he was only a few feet away - poor form in front your rakes, guys. Another thing, 12 friggin people signed up to play 2-5 NL, so what do they do? Open a 5-10NL game to 4 people. Then they take 7 people and start a 1-3 game. Why? To kill antoher 2-5 game and hope to merge us together. THE 1-3 GAME IS THE WORST THING EVER. Give me a friggin break. The three dollar chips confused the @#$% out of everyone. Dealers that had been working there since it opened said they were just recently really starting to get the hang of chex trays w/ 300 in chips and 60 count stacks. My usual haunt here in Los Angeles has 2-3 blinds but just plays with 5$ chips, at least incriments of 5, 10, 20, etc make sense. The poor decision to have this game does draw the fish though, which end up as chum for sharks.

Dont know, dont care, no plans to return. It's the Mirage for me.

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