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Arctic Action wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Excellent choice for the visiting recreational player

Extremely comfortable room. The almost-virgin chairs and tables were complemented nicely by the "nouveau Vegas elegance" style of decor. The evening that I played, Negreanu and Greenstein were hard at work in the salt mines playing Stud 8/b in DN's challenge match. Having this match in full public view is a superb idea (for spectators, at least) - adds a vicariously thrilling sense of drama to the overall experience.

As usual, my main complaint (and this applies to all strip properties) is the lack of variety in games. Only HE, at a variety of limits. No stud. No Omaha. I would wager that most recreational players who are visiting Vegas come from home game environments where one plays games that include ones where prime number cards are wild on Tuesdays ... I cannot understand why rooms don't spread a little HOSE or HORSE ... this would do wonders for creating non-monotonous evenings.

The usual mega-property 4-8 table taxonomy: semi-soused tourists seeing all flops and dyspeptic, degenerate locals looking to take advantage of the first species. One local degenerate with a dominating hand had the decency not to re-raise a kindly (if completely addled) older lady who was playing in a card room for the first time ever. At least she had the courage to sit down and try! In the gentlest possible way, the table encouraged her to watch the Negreanu-Greenstein fireworks.

Solid and congenial. Surprisingly elegant uniforms, too.

It would astonish me if someone hasn't already filed a discrimination suit against Wynn for its obvious policy of hiring only the mostbreathtakingly pretty and spectacularly callipygian staff in this area. Highly efficient service - only a 5-10 minute wait between ordering and receiving ... much better than Mirage or Bellagio, which really fall down in this categories (not because of the individual staffers themselves, but the shortage of them in the rooms). The ratio of waitresses:players at Wynn was excellent - let's hope it stays that way beyond the first few months.

Courteous without being obsequious. Displayed none of the off-putting Bellagio contempt for people whose surnames do not routinely appear in "Card Player". The policy of offering beepers to players on waiting lists is praiseworthy.

N/A - Didn't ask - no idea.

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