The room is outstanding. The only complaints are: (1) There are a few too many tables crowded into the space: and (2) Some of the tables do not have good views of the wall mounted TV's. The first table they put me at ($1-3) was behind a column and not visible from almost anywhere else in the poker room. Everything else about this room is outstanding.

This room attracts a lot of top notch players but it also attracts a fair number of rich tourists. It is definitely beatable.

In the 10 hours I played there I do not recall a single dealer error.

The cocktails came around fairly quickly, no complaints there. They do not serve Fiji water which they do serve in the pit. The waitress told me the poker room "pays" for all drinks that go out and they do not want to spend the money on Fiji.

They managed the list very well. Didnt have any poroblems to speak of. It is obvious that Wynn Management is serious about competeing to make this the best poker room in town. I can't necessarily say that about MGM or Harrah's.

I believe they give you $1 per hour. THey also have a poker rate which is pretty reasonable. I had not played there in about 18 months. When I ordered food from the waitress she asked for my card. i explained that I didn't have any point she asked for it anyway. When she brought the food back she smiled and said "they comped it!"

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