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ROTJob wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Not at all the pinnacle of class I expected

This room, like the rest of the Wynn, is nothing short of stunning. It is an amazing looking room. Tables are a little crammed together and the chairs are very uncomfortable after a couple hours.

I only played the daily tournament so this review only relates to that. Play was better than average, but not elite by any stretch. The level of experience was quite nice though. Only 2 hands were actually shown in the first hour and a half of play.

I was a little amazed to see some errors made by the dealers in this tournament. I saw 2 pots almost pushed to the wrong player, and one dealer completely missed the fact that a player was still in a hand until another round of betting had taken place. I expect better than this at a room at this level.

Cocktails are amazing in this room. The are a bit slow to arrive, but when they do, they are delicious, strong, and look nice.

I only had dealings with the woman managing the tournament, and she was horrible. She was incredibly loud and rude to the players. She would take a count of remaining players every 10 min or so and yell the results across the 3 remaining tables. Then when she would break a table, she would not only allow, but encourage the players moving onto a table to "hurry the @#$% up and get seated" causing a huge distraction with regard to seat position while hands were still in play. I had to call her on this once, requesting that she wait until the hand in play was over before interrupting the table. She did not like this at all. Also she was in constant conversation with a local at my table who liked to bet horses, and they were talking about what bets they were going to play for that day, and actually allowed play to be disturbed while the two of them watched their race conclude. Overall, this was the poorest behavior I have ever seen from poker room staff. I would expect it from one of the lowest end rooms. I would never expect it from Wynn.

They gave me some points on my red card for buying in but that was it. Nothing more was expected. The free drinks were amazing.

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