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Novice Poker Player wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

The poker shift manager can take your money too!

I went to play poker at the Wynn Poker Room and I got up to have dinner at the buffet (where I spent $344.17 for dinner) with some friends. I came back about an hour-and-a-half later and they had picked up my chips and my jacket that was hanging on the back of my seat.

Christopher Dannevik, the manager, asked for my ID and I showed him my driver's license. We went over to the cashier where I was to get my money back. Christopher asked my to sign a receipt form, which I did, and then he said he would not give me my money back unless he could make and keep a copy of my driver's license. With all of the identity theft going on I don't like having unnecessary copies of my driver's license floating around and I did not allow this.

Christopher acknowledged that it was my money but said that they would not give me it back unless they photocopied my driver's license, which I would not allow him to do. In my book, this is theft, plain and simple. Interestingly, they then gave me my jacket back--making it difficult to argue that they had any doubt that they money and jacket belonged to me. I pointed out that the same dealers were in the poker room and even several of the same players were still playing at the table, each of whom could identify me. They also have numerous cameras so they were literally a dozen ways they could have verified my identity, if needed, though Christopher never disputed that it was my money. As of this writing they still will not give me back my money.

If you don't mind the poker room unnecessarily photocopying personal information or you don't mind having your money stolen, then by all means, go play at the Wynn Poker Room. Otherwise consider other, better choices, like the Bellagio Poker Room.

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