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JohnDz wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

Worth a visit.

The room was fantastic, well lit, and immaculate. It got a bit crowded at the entrance (uh, fellers, if you're on the list, you don't need to stand in front of the freakin' podium to wait!). Very comfortable adjustable seats.

A mix, when I was there, we had four good to very good players, one or two middle players, and at least three clueless players. The good players tend to acknowledge each other's action, but no collusion.

Competent, some seemed ticked off. I did manage to upset one dealer...Mr. Wynn had branded everything in the hotel/casino (swizzle sticks, the dealer puck, the toothpicks in my club sandwich, the toothpick being a globe on top of the toothpick part that sez WYNN), and I asked the dealer if they all had WYNN tattooes. His expression was such that I think he hoped I hadn't been overheard, as the impresario might think "Brilliant!! All dealers to drop for a branding!!" Honestly, though, the dealers at the Mirage are more consistently friendly and professional, some of the dealers wouldn't calm down the maniacs when they got a bit abusive of other players.

They freaking charge $4.50 for a bottle of Fiji water!! Free Becks, but no free mineral water, with that awful Vegas tap water? Get over the fact that, as one dealer said, "Well, people kept ordering the Fiji water and putting it in their purses." I'm sure that you can think of a solution for this problem that doesn't involve charging. The servers, though, were quick and astonishingly gorgeous. One blond in particular, around 6' tall, I only wish she had more meat on her bones...but still spectacular.

The best. Very friendly, very competent, and not a whiff of the condescension I've gotten at the Mirage when I ask about comps or rates for players. The manager gave me his card, wrote his cell number on the back, and said "I'll get you in at our best rate any time you call me." And here I was at a 4/8 table, very far from a high roller.

Having said nice things about the management, they don't have a lot to work with. I think there is a $10 daily food comp, and the player's rate is $119 midweek. But the facility is top notch, so it may be worth every penny of that. No jackpots, bad beats, etc. I did hear, though, that Daniel Negreanu will sit in on even the low limit games in his capacity as spokesman. One of the players at my table said Mr. Negreanu had spend a few hours at the 4/8 tables a few days before.

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