I used to play here Tons back in 2005 ish and now in 2014.

Back then the games used to be all uncapped so players at 1/3 would have 500bb stacks in front of them. Crazy games back then and one year they introduced a $3 salmon chip. That lasted like 6 months.


1) Wait time.
For whatever reason it seems like they start new game when the waiting list is way more then 9 players. I have seen the list grown to 15-18 people and only then will a new table will open.

2) Value of $100.
Value of $100 is probably equivalent to $20 somewhere else. Everything thing here is pretty expensive and $2hr and is not much value here.

1) Wifi. Wifi here is the fastest I have ever seen on the strip.

2) Location
Right next to the parking garage. Just park on level 2 and walk straight into the poker room.

3) Rake/Promos
None, Lowest Rake no promos. Just the way I like it.

1) Players. Generally speaking the Wynn has the toughest players. The game plays deep and I have seen the most grinders play here. Since $100 is not worth too much here, be prepared to have a solid bankroll.

2) Players:
Flip side, there are a lot of Rich bad players who dont care about money as much. Alot of newbies who are "new to the game" and will drop money like nothing here.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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