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DPTAZZZ wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Close to being perfect in every way.

I have played cash games at the Aria, and a number of their tournaments. The staff is very helpful, dealers ( ones I have experienced ) have been pleasant to downright delightful.

The room itself is wonderful, comfortable, very well layed out. When the tourneys get big they just open up more space. They try @#$% hard to make sure everyone who has bought in to a tourney gets to sit down.

You have a wide range of table limits, games, and experience levels. It really is to me, just a " tick " behind the Venetians' Poker room ( my personal fav ), only that the Venetian can seat so many people in their room, for cash and tourneys. But thats another review.
Aria has come out of the gate with a plan, and its a great one.
Any poker player of any level would enjoy games at the Aria.

The one small knock, is the " table side food' is a bit ridiculously overpriced. Just because you are playing at the Aria, doesnt mean they should CHARGE you like you can afford to stay at the Aria.. :-)

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