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Bengalslax wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Everything looks pretty but...

Management, Wait staff & dealers... Smile please :)

Spent 6 hours in the poker room. and NOBODY could even crack a smile. Is it a directive from above to look angry or entitled?

Tipping dealers was even met with a simple grunt, or forced "thanks" Played in tourney and then cash game. everyone just seemed miserable.

If you are not happy with your job, find something else. One dealer spent almost his entire "stop" at the tournament table complaining about having to work on his day off? Then don't!! Didn't travel thousands of miles to listen to that.

Cashed in the tourney and made a little at cash table. So this is not sour grapes. Won't be back simply because nobody on the "service' side seemed to care about "service"!

Not just with us... Whenever Aria came up during our trip people just rolled their eyes and commented on how miserable the dealers were.

Aria won't care, but if i can save one traveler from wasting their time going to that casino then I've saved them the aggravation.

Nice touch with the FIJI water though.

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