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DPTAZZZ wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Good layout, plenty of action.

Room isnt huge, isnt small ( compared to Venetian ). Read someone said you sit on stools ?? Not sure where they were sitting, wasnt in this poker room. Chairs are comfy, was in them 10 hrs, sat in a LOT worse. Clean atmosphere for the most part.

You have the usual aggressive Euro's and Asian crowd, thats pretty standard. I didnt run into any "Buzzsaw " type players, but I was at $1-3 NLH games. Higher up the buy-in, you might hit some tougher competition.

Dealers I came across were at least smiling, paid attention to play, talked with players, no complaints.

They could be hard to find at times, but, while playing a very long tourney, I seemed to be able to keep my drinks coming pretty quickly. Better than most I will say.

This is a toughy, it can be average to above excellent. Depends on time of day, what you are playing, who is on duty. Never below average, and tourny director Rondi ( spelling ?) is pretty @#$% sharp. And nice looking too. :-)

Comps are pretty standard across the big rooms, nothing major here, unless you are sitting in on a $25-$25 NLH game, then, you might see some better comps.

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