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Sheriff_Joe wrote a review about ARIA in Las Vegas, NV

Tournament Venue Atrocious

I have been to the Aria Poker Room before, but not recently for a tournament. The Poker Room for cash games has always seemed to be well run & comfortable.

But that was not the case for a WPT500 Series tournament I recently played at the Aria. What a disappointment! It was loud-sometimes to the degree we could not hear the dealers over the band - I said the band. It was crowded - meaning packed, the tables were also crammed in making the crowd even more difficult to navigate, smokey-all day, disorganized, many poorly skilled dealers & the managers were spread very thin - not to mention that two of the chairs were literally collapsing under me. (to be fair, service in the Tournament "room" was pretty good & some of the dealers were very friendly/skilled). I played for 12 hours on a Sunday, cashed deep, & was uncomfortable almost all of the time - not bragging, just giving you a context that I saw a lot.

Side note, dinner break was met with poor service at a restaurant in the complex as well.

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