Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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6 Tables
Daily 5PM to 1AM (or until last game breaks)
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jorgenj wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Binion's review

This was a good place to come and play, just for the history. The tables were in good shape, altough only a few seemed to be fitted with auto shufflers. The 2/4 game I started out in did not have an auto shuffler, but the 4/8 game I got in did.

I was there from 7:30PM-12:30AM and the players the first half of my session were older locals who definitely knew what they were doing. Luckily those guys started leaving around 10 and a few novices sat down. The game got to be pretty good after that. This game was definitely beatable.

The dealer's were great, although one guy was very out of it and making a bunch of mistakes. It was also one lady's first shift (at least I hope so) and she was SLOW and getting flustered.

They seemed to come around at a reasonable rate.

Got me on the list quickly and kept things moving along nicely. Seemed to be very friendly and glad to be at work.

Not sure...didn't ask.

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