Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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6 Tables
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nittastic wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Definitely Worth Checking Out $1/$2 NL & Tourneys

This is a very well done room. Nice, masculine colors, not over done or tacky, comfy chairs and tables. I like the way in which it's situated. It's Binions and you have the wall of champions a nice lounge, and the right blend of seriousness and fun.

I was expecting from previous reviews tuff players in this room. I was pleasantly surprised. You do get the tight older players but, they tend to be passive and easy to put on a hand. At the same time though you do get a lot of loose passive tourists. It's the perfect blend. Throw in the occasional chip spewing pit player and this is probably one of the best rooms to play before the sun goes down. It's full of tourists coming in to check the room out and drop a quick hundred.

Some of the best and most personable dealers I've ever seen. Only reason I can't give a 5 is they have a couple of dealers, generally older ones that mostly deal the tourneys that tend to make some mistakes. Nice guys but it does get old after a while. Another odd thing is they are playing around with "sexy" poker dealers. I really don't like this. They have some great dealers, I'm not looking for the hot gals dealing poker, just efficient good and personable.

Ok if you’re looking for the super sexy 20 year old cocktail waitress this is not your room. If you’re looking for quick drinks, from nice friendly waitress that will know your regular drink and name after a day this is your spot. Plus for their age these are pretty attractive cocktail waitresses.

These are nice enough guys who really do what they can to get games going. They also do an excellant some of putting together and managing tourneys.

They have some of the best comps in town. They offer $2/hr in food comps. A 4 hr session will cover a corned beef sandwich and coke at the next door deli. All tourney players get a coupon that gives you $10 for playing cash for 1/2 hour or $25 for playing an hour. This basically covers the juice from the tourney.

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