Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

Poker Tables:
6 Tables
Minimum Age:
Tucson Jim wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Good time, low quality room

This room is open, the tables are close together and it is loud. If you like the low rollers, this is the place to play. Good mix of players with a drunken maniac usually present to spice things up.

Watch out for the rocks. Older guys with short hair and tatoos on their arms usually are only in the pot with a good hand. Tourists and folks here for a convention are easy to spot and can be bluffed from late position. Off duty dealers and supervisors only play quality hands but will bluff once in a while.

Dealers were OK but did not enforce the rules very strictly. One hand a player announced 'call' when it was his turn to act and then mucked his cards. Dealer didn't say a word and no one else did either as he was a drunk about to donk off all his chips to the rest of the table.

These girls are hungry for a buck. If you tip them well and often you will have a drink every few minutes, then you can become a drunken maniac also!!

Worse floor people I have ever seen in a poker room. Ethan and Tish were very loud and obnoxious. Seemed to run things at or just below average but conducted themselves unprofessionally the whole time I was here (about 4 hours).

$2 bucks an hour. Good for rooms or food. I have heard they serve a good steak here so if you rack up the hours you could possibly get a good meal on them.

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