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vikingpete_99 wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

old school with a new feel

New room is very nice, definitely the best thing about Binions considering the state of the hotel casino. Tables are very comfortable, and the atmosphere created by the tans/browns/wood designed interior is warm and inviting. Unlike other rooms, the tables are spaced out and not cluttered, even at busy hours. The only complaint I have is that the front desk is sometimes left unattended for long stretches of time. That needs to be addressed. The tournament area is classic Binions but that is a compliment. I like that the tourny area and the main cash game room are separate, don't have some of the issues the bigger rooms like Caesars and Bellagio have had (mixing tourney tables within cash game area). Overall, room is very nice.

A good mix of strong, solid play and weak tourist/tight local play. I've found that the 1-2 NL is good, right amount of good action and respect for solid play. Finding a good 1-2 NL game that doesn't dilute into a card catching contest is tough in Vegas, but Binions is a good find. Because of it's history in the poker community, those in-the-know seem to want the opportunity to take a crack at Binion's room.

For the most part, I found the dealers to very good. Knowledgeable and consistent (which is hard to find in some rooms). They seem to understand Binions place is history, which I like and willing to chat it up and loosen things (esp. if shorthanded. That being said, a few dealers seem on the verge of burnout and seem to have the inevitable feeling their days as a Binions dealer are numbered. That is more of a management thing I guess, but some dealers do need a ree-energizing. For the most part, the dealers are good.

Old school, definitely old school. I would rate the cocktail service by how often the floor had to call for service and it happened frequently with one exception. One girl...umm, I mean gramdma was very attentive and did her job well. But please, find some hot blonde just off the bus (the station is just down the street).

No real issues. Seem to have a good grip on things. The big thing about management is consistency and how they handle problem areas. Seemed knowledgeable and attentive. As mentioned before, keeping the front desk attended is a concern. That is the first personal contact most player are going to remember, and at times, it lacks courtesy and professionalism. One big thing I appreciated is knowledge on how a button straddle is played. Binions does it right (unlike the new home of the WSOP).

Considering the overall state of hotel casino, it's hard to to be too concerned with Binions comps. These guys are fighting to keep afloat. One thing I do appreciate is their rake and jackpot structure, it is well-known to be fair for the player. And the room is very receptive and fair about rake reduction, usually down to 1/1 for shorthanded play. Hey, Binions does what they can in a bad situation.

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