Binion's Casino formerly Binion's Horseshoe

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minton wrote a review about Binion's in Las Vegas, NV

Playing where it all began

It is a decent sized room, with a seperate area for tourneys which I really like since it can be confusing if they are running tourneys and ring games in the same room. It was a lot cleaner than I remember, much brighter, and everyone seemed happier.

Still no computer wait list, but they do have a computer comp system.

I beat the $2/4 limit table like it stole something, I also was faring pretty well at the $4/8 half kill split hold'em and omaha 8 table

All of the dealers were very friendly, several played before, during, or after their shift. I only saw 2 misdeals in about 20 hours of play, one while there was a guy getting removed by security, and one when the button didn't get passed

Decent service, kind of slow saturday night, but my drink never went dry, the servers were older, but were all very nice

The lady that ran the room on the evenings (Carol I think) was great, she ran a tight ship and wouldn't let anyone be to beligerant to her players or staff.

They also told me that they would spread pretty much any game as long as there were enough people that wanted to play it

Drink service was decent, $2/hour was nice, even though there is nothing in the giftshop in XXL or bigger. They give out a lighter for quads of better, which was pretty nice, but I couldn't take it home since I only had a carry-on bag

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