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Minimum Age:
Poker Tables:
15 Tables
Daily: 11am-1am
Nolimit39 wrote a review about Chasers in Salem, NH

A+ If you love poker this is a great place!

I recently visited this venue and It was all around a awesome place. The staff are very friendly and helpful, dealers are very good and the food was pretty good. The setup was great comfortable seats and the players for 99 percent where nice and knowledgeable people. They also made sure everyone is protected with free mask and multiple hand sanitizer stations. It wasn't an option to use the mask which is a plus. The area seemed very nice no trouble and you have access to any type of store you need Close bye. Loved it can't wait to get back!

Food and Drink

Announcements from Chasers Poker Room

**March Schedule**

Mondays and Thursdays
1pm to 10pm
$400 High Hands w $400 Rolloing High Hands

1pm to 10pm
$1,000 per hour High Hands

Tuesdays and Wednesdays
$300 High Hands every half hour
AAA/KK to qualify.
$300 rolls to next half hour if not hit

Fridays and Saturdays
All Quadzilla hands boosted to $2,500!

Quadzilla open to midnight 7 days a week!
$100 daily increase per hand

**Royal Treatment**
Flopped Royals $1,000
Turn or River Royals $500

**25k Hold'em Chase**
Weekly Hand Reductions

**10k Omaha chase**
Weekly Hand Reductions

**See Website for full details**

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