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Jackof13 wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

Has potential, but needs help~

So, I like the new digs on Cedar and the environment is basically comfortable... Friendly people, good coffee 😎
Thing is, for true poker players, it's not much fun. Now, I know it's not Vegas or even L.A, but a lot of their dealers don't even know how to run a game, let alone how to deal anything beyond HoldEm.
What's more, they don't even have enough competent dealers to accommodate player's on tournament days. Mind you, the Omaha tourney starts too early on a Saturday (so as to discourage action/ entrees), and they're still not prepared. That is, once the first few tables are filled, one goes on an alternate player's list and no matter if (say 20) more players show, they one- by- one have to wait around for an hour or two til active players bust out to open a seat. What?!? So, a player will be waiting around to come in light on a later level, and hope to get lucky on his/ her first two hands?!? Lol. Wow. Ok. No thanks. Like I was saying, good coffee, but~
Anyway, Club One has the potential to bring things back to their former greatness and then some, but they need some competent help.

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