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wilco wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

Regular weekend player since 1995

I decided to come down to club one last weekend or before. I like the old location better. More room and separation in the old location. Also this dealer was playing on the 1-2 table. He was talking smack. He was over betting and making people fold their hands. Showing his bluffs after a very large over bet. He must be a newer dealer because I dont remember him from the downtown place. A young short hispanic dealer. He turned me off from wanting to play there again. I dont like the mgt at the 500 club. I don't like their small card room with bright lights. I used to look forward to playing at club one every weekend, but now it's not the same. Everything including the bar are in the same room and the parking is not very good like the downtown place. Start a jackpot and move back downtown and I guarantee you Mr Kyle Kirkland's club one will get their customers and more back from the 500 club and their new greedy owners.

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