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mark0609 wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

Disappointing. Opportunity missed.

I've been resisting the urge to criticize the Encore BH poker room since they opened the doors. I wanted to like it. I really did. I've always been a Wynn loyalist on Vegas trips. I was excited that they were opening a casino in my own backyard. But man, they've made mistakes every step of the way. It's clear that they misread the market and didn't understand the neighborhood they were moving into. They don't know what Boston/Everett/Eastern Mass residents want in a casino or a poker room. Sure, the place is beautiful. The decorations are lovely. But where are the customers? They're leaving in droves because the service is poor, the comps are industry-low, the food ranges from cheap and terrible to expensive and mediocre. They're cutting costs all over. For the first month, the beverages in the poker room were great. Now they're serving watered-down swill, from the coffee to the alcohol. And they raised the rake! We've gotten increasingly poor service and player experience, but they increased the rake to rival your average illegal home game. Poker players are loyal. They're the most reliable customers a casino can have. Maybe they won't blow up for $2000 on slots, but they'll show up and fill a seat every day if you give them a room they want to spend time in. Instead, Encore treats us like second-class citizens. Where are we allowed to spend our meager comps? Not in any of the restaurants you'd want to go to, certainly. Manager Gary himself, he of Macao fame, the white knight who came to save Boston poker, said that poker players can't spend comps at the "nice" restaurants because they're concerned about the image that poker players present. God forbid a kid in a hoodie go fill a seat at the bar in an empty restaurant. Gary the puppet, of course, "can't do anything about it." I haven't spoken to him much, but every time I do he's eager to tell me the things he can't do and the excuses why.
So here's to you, Encore. Take your $8 rake and your watery coffee and your $18 plates of iceberg lettuce and shove it. Mashantucket is lovely this time of year.

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