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Yesterday, I spent two 5 hour sessions in what is hands down the best poker room on the East Coast.

Let's back up a second though. I'm a review guy. I like to see what other people think and a few days before my double session I read every review posted since they opened. I noted multiple complaints about parking prices, about table service, about inexperienced dealers, and noise and about charging for promo's that didn't exist yet. These are all valid concerns and not just nitpicking, but obviously I wasn't going to let that stop me from checking the place out for myself.... because POKER, duh.

Well it is my pleasure to report that either those issues were isolated and overblown or they've been addressed by the team over at Encore. Though admittedly, the table service slowed significantly late night (circa 1am). I wasn't drinking so no biggie for me. For the most part, the table service was better than I've ever had ANYWHERE... a constant flow of beautiful people (ok all ladies) ready to take your drink order and delivered in 5 to 10 minutes.. sometimes less. The espresso's were on point (I had several) and I heard the regular coffee was really good too.

Great news, which they don't seem to be advertising (*none I've seen), but if you ask around people will talk..... Tournaments coming in September! I have no details on what will be included, but they have a 14 table area set aside for it.

What didn't I like? The food options around the Casino are comically overpriced (including the poker grill), but I will say that *almost everything I've had to eat and drink from Bru and Mystique was absolutely delicious.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Encore Boston Harbor

-High Hand Promotion:
November 1-26
Noon - 10 p.m. ALL weekdays
$1,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

November 27
Noon - 10 p.m.
$2,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

(Valet cannot be validated with poker play)

Schedule posted through November.

Are now available for use at casual food outlets.
(Poker Grill, Bru, Garden Cafe, On Deck Burger Bar, Red 8, and The Buffet)
Please see Poker personnel for information on how to activate your comps.
(Must be done BEFORE each purchase)
Thank you all for your patience with this matter.

Active for all raked Texas Hold'em games.
($2-5 NLH and below)

Available for all games except $1-3 No limit.

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