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CHIQUETO wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

it is good... but, it could be better...

So I'm a player, I been playing for years and I play a lot.
I played everywhere in New England except MGM...
But I mostly played in NH poker rooms before encore opened... after they opened I been playing regularly there now since they opened and wanted to give them time to develop and Time to workout things before I posted a review so I feel it would be in all fairness...
they had issues right after opening that they had now worked out like...

- speed of the cage. (I heard how bad it was before I went but didn't think it would be something that I would care about but wow I was wrong it was ridiculous how long they would take the cash people out... it was unreal)

- ordering drinks... it was mission to flag down a waitress... then you would be very lucky to get your drink with in an hour of ordering it and at times they never came back at all...

- amateur issues with the dealers that never dealt before...

- no way of finding out how many poker points we have acquired... but it didn't matter at that time really because we couldn't use them for anything at all besides parking comp...

ok so those things have been mostly improved and almost completely corrected... the dealers are good, nice, friendly and getting the hang of it...
You still can't check your points on your own by signing in to your account which definitely should be fix by now... but you can get your total told too you by visiting one of the red card info desks...
you can now use your points towards food from the "poker grill" and as well as a couple (not all) of the restaurants...

They have bad beat promos... in a odd structure of different types of bad beat hands get paid different amounts that change (it's a bit confusing)
Also They started running tournaments now...

So my personal pros and cons list...


- free drinks (which poker rooms in NH you have to pay)

- always can find a table

- good dealers (truly there isn't one I don't like)

- free parking... as of now there's always a way to park in the garage for free


-chairs are not comfortable enough... I mean I play a lot of hours in a session so I want a good chair... I didn't expect that by the look of this place the first time I sat in one for their chairs I would not like it... but the first time I sat in one... " no sir, I didn't like it." a couple of poker rooms in NH have more comfortable seats. Which is sad

-not being able to check my poker points on my own... which should be an easy IT fix... they figured it out already for Las Vegas

- points can only be used in select restaurants. not all of the encore restaurants... which I absolutely HATE... I want to be able to use my comp points at ANY of encore restaurants!

- need more and better promos! They need to step it up!

But overall... as of right now I would give them between a 3.5-4 overall

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-Poker Room closed until further notice.

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