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KEVINABER wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA

Great room with many games

15 tables is great but it has its downfalls. Too many different games means they spread the table games accordingly. Very friendly staff and the food is pretty good. 50% off for players. The only thing that makes this a 4 instead of a 5 is the wait times to play. I was 13th on the list and waited over 2 hours after they said it would be 30-45 min. Not many places to sit and wait and if you miss your call, you go to the bottom of the list.

One other bad thing is the parking lot. Very limited amount of spots for the amount of players. You figure theirs at least 125-130 people aging and typically another 20-30 on wait lists and there are maybe 80 do the math!

One of the great things is the promos during the week. 2 high hands paid every half hour (500/250). Best promo around in my opinion. Monte Carlo is around of course...

Overall, I think it's the best place to play around the Seattle area

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Bodey wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA


They don't allow the word @#$%. Staff is over zealous grumpy/over worked. Players are meh. Food is great. Speed... Read More