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Seamoose22 wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA

Quite Simply The Best Room In The State

That's not an exaggeration. Fortune Poker sets the standard for how a well-run poker room should look like.

Great game selection. $1-$3 NLH and $3-$5 NLH as well as $4-$8 limit, $8-$16 limit, and $20-$40 limit. With 10-15 tables going almost the entire day, you'll definitely have lots of options.

Best dealers and floor around. The professionalism and genuine care about their craft, no other room I've visited comes close to matching Fortune Poker's staff.

Excellent food. Many come here just to eat, treating it as a restaurant that happens to have poker. And they're not wrong. The menu is extensive and all items are discounted 50% for players.

Waitstaff is attentive albeit it does take a little longer to get service occasionally due to how busy this place is almost all the time. This isn't a knock on them by any means. They're just swamped.

Promotions are simply outrageous. They're quite generous in giving away a ton of money in high hands and Monte Carlo jackpots. You're not going to find too many places giving back to the players like Fortune does.

By far the nicest, cleanest, friendliest poker room you'll find in the state and rivals many of the much fancier rooms on The Strip in Las Vegas. With better food and staff.

You can't go wrong.

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Bodey wrote a review about Fortune Poker Room in Renton, WA


They don't allow the word @#$%. Staff is over zealous grumpy/over worked. Players are meh. Food is great. Speed... Read More