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1st off the cage is in another room and the employees have no idea how to handle it, there was a line about 15 deep with 3 windows open. alot of people cashing slot tickets, since it now shares cage with table games and slots. we formed 1 line and waited for a window to open. the supervisor became agitated and kept yelling at people to form lines at each window, she could not figure out that 1 line was more appropriate. Needless to say I was forced into 1 line, and the 3 people that were behind me were all helped before me since my line had a long transaction.

2nd, they put some good size tvs on 1 wall, but the other wall had much smaller tvs that were too small to even see scores or anything. can not understand why they decided to go so small on tvs.. more is not always better.

3rd, there are no table number signs, dealers and players had 0 idea where tables were.. maybe these will be added but seems like something that should have been in place already.

I'm sure the room will be fine going forward, but I really can't believe they could not put a small 2 person cage in the room.. Every good poker room has a cage, and 99 percent of bad rooms have one.

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