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It had been years since I played here, but a friend and I headed up last week for their Wednesday morning tournament. I am really happy that I did, and I will definitely be back. It is obviously very well-run. And I found it a lot of fun.

I am visually impaired, and I had no trouble getting the seat I prefer for the tournament.

They got a terrific crowd for the tournament. I think they were also having something else that night, where they were expecting lots of players.

When we were there they had an additional area setup for tournaments, upstairs from the regular room. This was for a WSOP event they were hosting. Both the regular room and the extra space were nice, roomy, and well-appointed. I also liked that from where I played I could see outside through large windows.

There seemed to be a good mix of regulars and recreational players, at least at my table. And there was a bit less limping and multi-way pots than at some other tournaments I have played recently. And I liked that the stack and structure were relatively deep and unrushed.

In the future I will be checking their schedule and returning more often to play there.


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