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razorbk1 wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Beautiful Room

This is one of the most beautiful rooms I've ever played in.

Played with some people who knew what they were doing, and several who just spewed chips.

I'll say excellent for the most part. I was playing on the graveyard shift, so they cycled through our table much more often. One dealer interjected into player conversations way too much, but other than that, the dealers were outstanding.

There was always a waitress nearby.

I wish I could remember the floor's name. He did a great job, and was very helpful with customers.

I'm not sure about comps, but it's a station casino, so there is that bad beat. I was there playing because of a promotion. On 121212 if you flopped quad Qs, you won 12k. If you turned or rivered them, it was still 1200. Nifty little promotion. Except I never even saw pocket QQ. Oh, well.

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