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photoc wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Still up in the air on this one...

The room itself is amazing. TV's everywhere, bar in the back, very nice tables with lots of room between them. Only major problem is that there is a small counter at the front for everything from the cashier, buy in, list keeping, player sign in, ect...

Typical mixed bag of weak tight and loose aggressive players that really have no idea what they are chasing.

I had 6 dealers when I was there, 2 of which were absolutely terrible. The other 4 were superb. The 2 that were bad would kill the winning hands and the board before even pushing a pot. One even went as far as to stack each and every single bet that a player tossed out there, and then stack the pot. He literally dealt 10 hands in 30 minutes doing it this way. Had a board read 10 10 A 9 9 and it came out to be a 3 way chop. Well he mucked 2 of the players hands saying that they are playing the board but their high card is lower than the 3rd players hand...???? The good dealers that were there are exactly like I expected them to be...quick, professional and friendly.

Drink service was good, waitresses are attractive. Only downside is when the room is full, like it was when I was there, service slows down with only 1 server working.

I talked to the Director/boss of the poker room and he knows whats going on. I can't say much for the guy running the list though. I was put on the list, and even found a table that I liked. Well he seated someone 3 names past me before even offering to take me to a table. I said that I was next and he still went and grabbed another person and sat them on the game I was looking at without offering any appology.

First off, I HATE HATE HATE bad beat jackpots. All they do is suck money from the poker room that will probably never come back into the room. All those are is a locals trap and that's the type of players they are hoping to attract and do. I have nothing wrong with locals but they are all jackpot chasers and the hands just take SOOO long because of this. $1 an hour for comps is about the standard for most low limit rooms.

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