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#1BuckeyeFan wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Local meeting hall

Good but nothing great. Clean, bright and roomy.

When I played (Monday) there were almost all very solid players. This is heavily geared to locals but not just locals, GOOD locals. I was very impressed with several of the players I played with, expecially their ability to read other players.

Average althogh there was one dealer (Jamie I think) with a decent rack that left her shirt unzipped very low. Thanks for that.

There was one issue I didn't like during the tournamnet in which the dealer flipped a friend's mucked cards. He said it was an accident although there was no way. Clearly trying to give the locals some free information.

Younger women who looked very good but I never ordered anything.

Two problems came up during our play that I think could have been handled better. First, in our tournament a player left the table when he was the BB. Another player put in his blind and the cards were all dealt. Play continued around the table and just before the dealer mucked the BB cards he showed up. My experience tells me the hand should be dead. The floor was called and allowed him to play. Everyone thought this was wrong but ultimately made no difference.

The other situation was a verbal exchange at a $1/$2 NL table that should have earned both players a little time from the table. The floor barely intervened and IMO left the dealer and the players in a tense situation. Ultimately one player took his chips and left. THat was the smart move and from what I heard he was the more reasonable party to the argument.

Didn't ask.

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