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RazCue wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

What a Poker Room Should Be!

The tables, chairs, chips and such were in great shape. Cleaner than the average L.V. poker rooms. Dedicated room far away from the cigarette smoke from the casino. Welll spaced and uncramped layout.

I might lean towards a 3.5 if that option was available. But mostly a friendly bunch with the minimal amount of grouches.

Got'em in and got'em out. No mistakes that I recall in many hoursof playing there. Made conversation and laughed at my jokes, but not overly chatty.

Came often, got orders correct and very sweet ladies.

Everything went smooth. Kept tables full and ran tourney correctly. Free Stations jacket and pizza for AVP'ers moved this rating from 4 to 5 :)

$1 an hour good at all Stations properties. Good promos...high hands, royals, bad beat etc...

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