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Johnny Vegas wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Very Average-Mostly Locals

Room quality is above average.

Mostly locals, 2-4 game is similar to any other 2-4 in at a locals property. 4-8 game was brutal, it was capped almost every hand. The vibe was horrible, everyone was on tilt! Overall not very skillful players, but a lot of idiots.

They allow for chaos. Players talk on their cells, call out possible hands after seeing the flop, show each other cards before mucking. I asked to see a players cards after he showed them to another players, and the deal (Char) just ignored me. If you don't play there twice a week, you'll be an outsider.

There can be long waits, but usually not bad. Pretty average service.

Definately not friendly, but no issues. They get the job done without being really personable or welcoming.

$1/hr and the bad beat which is raked for.

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