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StevenG wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Bastion for locals. Be wary.

Nice, clean, spacious well upholstered room, with more than enough flat screen TVs to watch sports on the side.

Some of the older locals grind the tourists, and you'll frequently see tourists walk away from the table either felted or well down from their starting stack. 2/4 is very loose, but mostly passive, hard to knock people off the pot, so you've got to pick your spots, hope top-top or better holds up, or try to make your draws, and even then, you might run into backdoor straights and boats, because again, players just won't lay it down unless they're certainly beat. I saw 9 full houses in the 3 hours I played.

The $40 tournament, which has a field of about 30 people daily, is also very passive, and the 30 minute blinds allow you to get some play in, whether the starting stack is 2000 or 4000 (after paying the $5 dealer bonus) chips. There are strong regulars who come in and make the final table almost everyday. Expect to be called down frequently: again, this is a loose crowd that loves their drawing hands.

Friendly veteran dealers kept the games going smoothly, made sure blinds were posted before the deal and the like.

I had no drinks but my fellow players noted the service was efficient and the drinks were strong.

They were sharp, handled transactions efficiently and made sure they filled ring seats when they came open.

Usual Station points system. Great to get in on if you're a local. I hear they send you a jacket after so many hours... among many other things, of course.

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