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LVFrank wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Friday Night at Hard Rock

Very nice new room. The chairs were average. Its HR, so the music is decent and with its location there's no casino noise or smoke.

2.5 really - I played 1-2 NL, starting at 6PM Friday and I think I won the award for "travelled farthest to be here"- I live 20 minutes away. The "drunk tourists" that seemingly everyone was there for were few and far between. The real opportunity lied in the good local players that had played too long and/or were steaming. There were a few $400-800 pots lost by decent players that made the table scratch our heads after their cards were tabled. Definition of avegrage: Gus Hansen & Jamie Gold were there ;)

10+ hours and no misdeals, maybe 2 cards landed face up. Some chatter with the locals that never held up the game. There were no break-in dealers.

The CWs are ok, but definiteley not the ex-Playboy models they had years ago when they opened. Service was a little slow IMO, but others said that compared to the HR casino floor it was lightening quick. A straight Red Bull is $3.

Only odd thing was that Table 1, the only table clearly visible from outside the poker room, stayed full while the rest of the 1-2 NLs fluctuated from 4-8 ppl. It might fall under the 'nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd' idea and gets more people in the room.

$1/hr comp rate. High hand payouts for 2222 and better, start at $50.

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