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gblgolfer wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Nicely run tournament

Played afternoon tourney on 1/10/09. Room decor, tables, chairs and lighting is outstanding! Friendly dealers (and players) - had a great time.

Played live game for 30 min. before tourney against a number of neophyte players. Won my buy-in without any outstanding hands - just good solid agressive poker. Tournament had 28 players, about half of which were pretty solid. Final table play was good. Only complaint: not enough action. By mid-afternoon, there were only about 3 tables in live play on a Saturday! I chopped 1st/2nd place in tourney and went back to the Venetian to play the rest of the night.

Very few mix-ups or misdeals noticed in the 5 hours I was there. Dealers tend to be younger than some other strip poker rooms, and all were very good looking - both male and female (at least according to my (female) friend. They were able to carry on a conversation without adversely affecting the play.

Good drink service. Very quick, since the bar was located so close. I only drank water and soft drinks so I can't comment on mixed drink quality.

Management was friendly, but I felt the tourney had a few moments that should have been better handled. One, a mis-flop (4 cards instead of 3), was eventually handled by the dealer because he couldn't get the attention of a floor person. There was only one tournament clock, located behind the dealers, and more than once our table changed blind limits a couple of minutes late.

Comps went directly onto Player's Card. First time there, and had a card made by a chip runner within a couple of minutes - very efficient.

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