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Shane wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Big quiet room while I was there.

Just a big plain glassed in room. I really didnt like it much, it was like I was in the lion habitat at the MGM. It wasnt run down or anything just not a real inviting feel to it.

Played in the 3-6 game and there were a few people that new what they were doing and a few that didnt. The ones that really didnt seem to know what was going on were getting lucky and winning.

Very quiet, all buisness with they guy I had. He didnt make any mistakes and kept the game moving but I like some one who is a real person not a robot. If they were all like this guy the could just put auto dealers with the auto shufflers.

Only one girl working the room and she only came around every 30 minutes or so.

The guy at the desk when you walk in seemed like he would rather do anything else other than give me chips and get me a seat. He told me the min buy in for the 3-6 was $30 so I said I would buy in for $50 and gave him 3 20's and he acted like it was a big deal to give me a $10 bill back.

Was not there long enough to ask.

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