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Philar wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Harrahs, a Nice Enough Place

The room is very good looking with lots of televisions, isolated off from the rest of the casino by bullet-proof glass I presume.

There was a variety of competitors at both the tournament, tougher, and a 2-4 holdem game I partook in. In the tournament, there were some real tough old geisers who would depart from a tight strategy occasionally to chase after a flush. And there were also a lot of cowboys during NFR who thought they knew how to play.

The 2-4 table was pretty relaxed and fun, with some good players, and others who couldn't read a thing at the table. I also got my first royal after being down to $2, but I got on a streak and went just above even before I left. Not a big win, but a fun two hours of entertainment.

One dealer was extremely complimentary of the tournament players, and was fun to be around. He acted like he was learning from watching the players and was complimentary for that reason. There was one problem with a player trying to get more chips on a split pot than he should have had, but the rest of the players policed the situation with the dealer backing them up.

The coctail waitresses came around about ever ten or fifteen minutes, and were not spectacular or anything.

This is a big poker room with a lot of games going on. The management has them very well organized and seems to know what it is doing. They were also very apologetic one time for not having any games going in the morning, the time I like playing.

This is Harrahs. Your Rewards card doesn't mean a thing to them, except they like knowing you are a Harrahs customer. But the only thing I got out of this place was some fun, and that's most important.

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