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Pete711 wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Harrah's, nice room, but terrible tourney

The room was very nice, but thats about all I liked here. The room is enclosed (mostly to drown out the noise of the carnival court). The tables are very nice, leather and cushiony. A few big screens, one even had my yankees on to entertain me.

This tourney had a wide variety of skill levels. We had people calling all in early in the tourney with 5,6 offsuit. We had another do the re-buy before hand so he had double the chips of everyone else (I don't like this option at all). He tried to buy the first too hands, got called by two rookies and got beat on the river both times and stormed off. Had one Brazilian lady who thought this was the world series of poker and was staring down everyone and taking forever. I'm not saying this is wrong but for this crowd it wasn't needed. Not many young college guys in this tourney compared to the Alladin.

Not very entertaining. Our dealer didn't keep up on the blind changes so we were playing at a level below everyone else for about 5 hands (I didn't say anything because I was next in line for the blind, so I saved a few hundred). Didn't seem to happy to be dealin the tourney.

I waitress for the whole room and the service was not fast at all, and I never received the first drink I ordered.

Poorly run. Should have seen that our table was behind everyone else in blinds. Did not state how many were in the tourney, or what the winner would pay, and I played for 2 hrs and never heard this info. Overall I did not like this tourney at all and will not play this tourney again. The re-buys for an hour are not right and I especially did not like the option of allowing someone to re-buy before the tourney even started.

Its harrahs so I'm sure the comps can't be any good.

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