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quadaces wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Nice poker room

I like the poker room at Harrah's. It is enclosed with no smoking. I have played twice at Harrah's and have enjoyed the atmosphere both times. They have nice tables with the shuffling machines built in. I haven't decided yet if I like the machines or not but it does keep the game moving. One thing I noticed that had changed from Dec 04-May 05 is the cards they used. They were probably kem cards or close to it but I didn't like them. The numbers on these cards were different than what I am used to seeing. I prefer the bridge size regular index kem cards. The index on these were not pleasing. That is about my only complaint on the actual poker room.

The comp here is average. I really haven't played against too tough or too easy of players. I did well the first time I played and not so well on the second. The first time I played was probably the most fun I have had playing poker. This last time I played the table was way too serious for me. It didn't help that there was some drunk guy @#$% everyone off. He was good for a laugh or two.

The dealers were just average. They didn't make any mistakes but they had no personalities at all. They might as well have robots dealing the cards. I didn't care too much for the dealers but I guess it is hard to get no mistakes and funny all in one.

I thought the cocktail waitresses were good. I had no problems at all. I was drinking water so pretty easy to please me.

The management was just fine in the few dealings I have had with them. No real problems come to mind.

I don't know of any comps.

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