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rlloydevans wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Nits and Fish

This is an actual room, using the Genesis Bravo System. It has seen some wear and could use an upgrade but it is a comfortable place to play.

In the day the tables are full of tight nits, while at night there are loose-weak tourists and drunks with a smattering of local semi-pros. Both times are quite beatable, but the nights are big fish tanks.

Dealers were competent and had good personalities. No major mistakes while I was there.

Service was generally okay but was slow at some very odd times. Service was better when the room was full, but glacially slow when down to 2 tables.

No problems while I was there. I was seated quickly each time. When they decided they needed to move a table because of a problem with the table's Genesis bravo unit they gave 10 minutes of no rake to compensate the players moving.

They still have a version of the $30 coupon available for players during the day. High hand jackpots, standard $1/hr comp.

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