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jreid1030 wrote a review about Horseshoe Tunica in Robinsonville, MS

Good room, good staff

There are things that people can't really control and then there's things they can. This room does a great job with the things it can control. There are good things going for this room, there's plenty of tables and space. The dealers work quickly and even enforce the rules in a reasonable way, which is wonderful. The staff is friendly and if the floor is needed to make a ruling they do so quickly and in a way that is fair and decisive.

The thing that makes this room less than five stars is the quality of the games and the players themselves. And I want to say, this is something that the staff have no control over. Most of the time, there's only a $1/$3 NLHE and a small limit game going, though they do run some larger games from time to time and some PLO. The thing is, when you are mostly stuck with a small NLHE game, the players just play so poorly that it makes the game seem less fun, to me anyway, and some of them are just downright rude and obnoxious. I really to contribute this to the small stakes and lack of options. If there aren't enough players to run a $2/$5 or higher, no problem, I say bravo for running the $1/$3, but just be aware that the $1/$3 game is going to be a limp fest where almost everyone puts in $3 and then will call almost every raise regardless of size.

If you want to have some small stakes fun and play straight ABC poker while simply waiting for a big hand to get paid, this game is OK. But, if you are used to anything larger and want to play with any creativity, or if you think that this is Vegas South, this is not the place for you. And heaven help you if you felt a local (even when they are behind the whole way), they (the player) will keep at you verbally for as long as they can while trying to make you the bad guy for just playing your hand.

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