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seanlynnp wrote a review about Horseshoe Tunica in Robinsonville, MS

it's just not the same as it was

I used to love this room. They used to give me a free hotel room, and they gave my mom a free room when she hadn't even played there and just got a players card, but now they charge $80-100+. There's like 16 floors of hotel rooms and they only use 2 of them. There used to be a lot of really deep games and a lot of fishy action players with a ton of disposable income but now there might be one 4 figure buyin game on a Saturday or something but usually only a super nitty 300 game. I got into this hand with a guy - I brought in for 5x or 15 from co, button and utg call. Flop q83. Checks around. Turn q brings two spades. Utg leads for 35. I couldn't figure out why he would check top pair then bet when he made trips, put him on AX of spades and call with 78, button folds. River offsuit t. Utg checks, to me mostly ruling out AT. I bet 30 trying to induce a bluff or get a loose call from a "maybe ace high is good". The guy calls. I turn out my top pair. He shows down AQ!!!! If he'd done what he should've and raised I would've doubled him up but it takes a real nit to call with AQ on qqt84 with no flush possible. I can't imagine how it could be profitable to play in a game as nitty as that. The guy's only beat by a boat or a gutshot, has $200 behind, and CALLS. Is it the state of the economy? It is heartbreaking. I guess if you live nearby and want to play some small limit light action old man friendly limping in with aces and only betting with the nuts type game it's there. Or if you are just learning the game nobody will put your stack at risk. Next time I can get out of town for a week I'm flying to Vegas.

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