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Light3Bet wrote a review about Horseshoe Tunica in Robinsonville, MS

Smokey Room, Broken Card Shufflers and bad A/C ...

It's in a small town full of casinos. There's not much in the surrounding areas. It's 40 miles from Memphis.

It's also literally the only poker room in 300 miles. So that sucks.

The Pros I could think of are decent food at the Lucky 8's Bistro and easy parking. Most of the dealers are good. The floor is fair and helpful.


1. Most of the card shufflers don't work! Why even pay for leasing of equipment and maintenance plan if they don't work... And when they have empty tables, they don't try to swap out a non-working shuffler with another one.

2. On a Friday or Saturday night on a few occasions. There were only 1 or 2 $2/5 tables... One time on a Sunday, I waited all afternoon while playing $1/3. They couldn't get enough players to open 1 $2/5 game.

3. This Casino allows smoking inside, just not in the poker room. But the smell of smoke reeks in the halls, by the slot machines which you have to walk past to to go the restrooms. You gotta do laundry and take a shower when you go home from the poker room.

4. The HVAC system settings are terrible. Either set too warm and musky or cold like 55 degrees. Best bring a hoodie with you.

5. They have odd hours for the cashier's cage. Have seen several times after 8am on a Saturday or Sunday where there's no one there. and you gotta buy your chips from the front desk. One time I walked halfway across the casino floor to a cashier. only for them to tell me they only buy back chips and don't sell chips... smh.

6. Bad rules for cash game poker. It's common and the right rule to have: The player who made the last aggressive action (Bet or Raise) has to show their hand first in an All-In. Not here. They make the person who is first to act, (according to where the button is) show first in an all-in situation. WTF ? Which is completing discounting the previous round's action. Why do you have to show your hand first from the Big Blind if you called the Button's all-in pre-flop ? You're forced to give information unnecessarily. You called, therefore YOU get to see the other person's cards. Not the other way around... Who are the people suggesting and approving these rule changes ?

*Giving 3 stars to dealers since most card shufflers don't work.
*2 stars to management because of the non-sensical rules.

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